Branding . Web Design & Digital Marketing

Multidisciplinary Designer Focused on Branding, Web Design & Digital Marketing.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve served as the Head of Design and User Experience at Sweet Media Digital Agency in New York. In this role, I oversee all aspects of Design, Marketing, and User Experience. Driven by my passion for semantics, analytical correlations, and psychological user patterns, I’ve delved deeper into the realm of User Experience. Now, I’m eagerly seeking out new challenges as a product manager. My goal is to merge my digital marketing background with my expertise in UX research, Design, and strategy.

Professional Skillset

Product Management

Leveraging extensive marketing background and UX proficiency to enhance product development.

UX Research & Strategy

Augmenting the management process by crafting frameworks grounded in comprehensive user experience research.

Design Thinking

Mastering challenges systematically, collaboratively, and efficiently.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Crafting the perfect message for the right audience, through the appropriate channels, at precisely the opportune moment.

What Do I Believe?

I firmly believe that design thinking is essential for fostering creativity and cultivating robust management processes. I advocate for product managers to maintain a balance between practicality and visionary thinking. Additionally, I hold the conviction that success is most meaningful when shared with others, and that with the right team, any goal is attainable. Lastly, I am a firm believer in the therapeutic powers of ice cream, capable of soothing nearly any ailment.